Member Squad


Customer Android + iOS App + Management Dashboard

All-in-One Membership Loyalty Reward App for eCommerce

Loyalty Points & Rewards

Build customer loyalty and grow online-to-offline sales with a branded loyalty program that rewards your customers for purchases, referrals and more.

Increase Engagement

Drive customer engagement with reward points/digital stamps, collected through both online shops and offline physical stores, to increase repeat purchases.

Online-to-Offline Channels

Cultivate a sustainable mechanism to encourage O2O activities, and tap into mulichannel tactics to drive sales.

Achieve Efficiency at Storefront

Gone was the ages where customers have to ask for phone numbers to check customer identity. Just open the app and scan – all done in a few seconds.




SMS Verification

Reward Points

Promotional Coupons

Product Catalogues

Store Address

Sharing Social


eCommerce & Membership

Streamline your eCommerce stores and various CRM systems to better govern your membership management process to run targeted campaigns.

eShops Integration

Integrate your eShops (WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or PrestaShop) with MemberSquad to drive selling through mobile.

Customer Relationship Management Channels

Streamline your membership management process across multiple platforms with real-time data synchronization.

Convert Customers to Brand Advocates

Create stickiness to convert your customers into brand advocates.


Customers Online Shopping App with Loyalty & Reward System

EGUSI helped ToysRus build a Membership Loyalty App to drive its customer retention and sales generations across multiple countries in the region. The mobile app is well linked with the brands digital assets and internal platforms across its’ customer footprints.

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