Store Room


All-in-One Software for Modern Business

Inventory Management, Point-of-Sale (POS) & Invoicing

Maximize Warehouse Efficiency

StoreRoom help optimize and organize your warehouse management with a smart inventory system with add on Point-of-Sale & Invoicing functionality.

All-in-One Approach for Enterprise & SME Demands

Simplify the time-consuming tasks of accounting & inventory management for enterprises and business owners.

Improve Operations Across Sales Channels

A centralized inventory for your business that gets updated in real-time, helping you to be ready for all sale seasons.

Tailored for eCommerce Business

Our team has years of experience with software development, especially to help eCommerce business scale.



1. Multiple Business.

2. Multiple business Locations, Store Fronts, Warehouses.

3. Set Currency, Time Zone, Financial Year, profit margin, tax registration details, and more options…


1. Add, Edit, Delete, View, Print purchase.

2. Purchase return.

3. Credit, Paid & Partially paid. Multiple payment options.

4. Payment reminders.

5. Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges.

6. Specify product Lot number & expiry.

7. Upload purchase document.

8. Quick Add Product in purchase screen.


1. Add contacts as Supplier, Customer or Both.

2. Pay Terms & payment alerts.

3. Details payment details.

4. Detailed Purchase & Sell transactions.


1. Powerful reports with filters & charts.

2. Profit & Loss report.

3. Purchase & Sell report.

4. Stock reports.

5. Trending product report.

6. Tax reports.

7. Expenses reports.

8. Suppliers & Customers report.

9. Cash Registers reports.

10. Salesperson report etc.


1. Single & Variable Products.

2. Enable/disable Stock Management.

3. Add Brands, Category, Units, Tax Rates, Group Taxes.

4. Products with Expiry.

5. Low Stock Alert & expiry alerts.

6. Predefined SKU or Auto Generate SKU.

7. IMEI/Serial number, Lot number.

8. Print Bar-code & Labels.

9. Selling price group.

10. Import product CSV, and much more…

10. Salesperson report etc.


1. Add, Edit, Delete, View, Print.

2. Credit, Paid & Partially paid sales.

3. Sales Return.

4. Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges.

5. Keyboard Shortcuts.

6. Improved POS to save time (no page reload, Fully Ajax).

7. Payment options – Cash, CC, Cheque, Bank Transfer.

8. Walk-In or Quick Add Customer


1. Advance user management module.

2. Permissions & Roles.

3. Commission agents.

4. Assign Business Location(s) to a role.

5. Predefined Roles – Admin & Cashier.

6. Add cashier for business location.

7. Staff Salary and expense management.


1. SMS & Email notifications.

2. Interactive Dashboard with overall shop details and charts.

3. Stock Adjustments, Expense management, Cash Register.

4. Fully Customise invoice layout, barcode settings.

5. Supports Barcode Scanner, Thermal Printer (ESC/POS).

6. Translation Ready, Detailed Documentation.


Offering lists of sophisticated software features, yet keep it simple enough for agile and lean businesses.


Automate the time-consuming tasks to help you focus resources on what really matters to your business.


Flexibly provide many customizations options to personalize the application as per your business


Achieve complete control & visibility for your Inventory, especially with good accessibility for multiple reporting.


Stock Management Solution for Cross-border Wesend eCommerce Business

EGUSI team helps Wesend build a highly scalable inventory management solution that integrate with their Wechat eCommerce Store (Magento) to effectively tap into cross-border purchase from Mainland Chinese consumers.

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EGUSI is a Digital Solution Provider working with innovative start-ups and well-established corporations to transform how technology works for their business. 

We are software engineers and digital planners who focus on practical delivery. Be it mobile apps, eCommerce website, financial system, business application and platform, we take on a pragmatic approach towards planning and development.

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